The historical developments in Hangyang for 50 years have precipitated the concentrated cultural deposits. "Fill a post with credit and do the things best" is the motto of Hangyang people. "People are the foundation and bring about creation on our own" is the company's philosophy in development. On the basis of company's concepts in design, fabrication and management for several tens of years and on the principle of "Creation is the essential, quality is the life, sincerity is in activities and benefit is the objective", as a leader in development of China sir separation industry, Hangyang shall supply the world with the best quality air separation plants.

Hangyang supports the backbone of Chinese air separation plant manufacture industry
The first domestic 60000 grade air separation plant started up successfully; 80000 grade air separation plant preliminary has the conditions for commissioning; 9000 & 100000 grade air separation plants has been at the stage of technical research.........

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